Midseason Ranking the Top Sophomore Safeties C/O 2023

1 . Marcus Ratcliffe / 6’3 , 190 / Cathedral

Starting at Safety for the best team in San Diego , Ratcliffe will be a big time recruit with his size at 6’3 and athleticism he also displays great ball skills.

2. Joseph Mathews / 6’0 , 170 / Oceanside

Mathews has played well for the Pirates starting at Safety he has an INT on the season and over 10 Tackles . His game is very well rounded .

3. Adrien Chargualaf / 5’11 , 165 / S. Canyon

Part of a young Steele Canyon team , Adrien is having a great year at Safety he is quick and instinctive and a threat in the return game .

4. Marcos Gonzalez / Castle Park

Has shown talent and potential starting at Safety for the Trojans.

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