Coronado Islanders Season Preview

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Head Coach : Kurt Hines

Spring Season : 3-2 (League Champs)

Top Players : Hudson Herber , Graham Bower , Elias Valdivia , Logan Eastlick , Asa Valdivia , Zane Delcore , Donny Couts , Finley Alexander

Overview : The Islanders won the Central League Championship in the spring and are now in the City League ready to prove themselves against tougher competition. QB Hudson Herber started as a Freshman and showed potential he will have weapons in Elias Valdivia , Logan Eastlick and Finley Alexander to throw to , Zane Delcore will lead the running game and Seniors Asa Valdivia and Donny Couts will anchor the lines . A well coached Coronado team will be competitive and a tough challenge for their weekly opponents.

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