Division 2 , 3 and NAIA Colleges flood San Diego with offers .

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A Division 1 Scholarship offer is the dream of every High School Athlete, playing in the Pac-12 or SEC is something everyone has dreamed about, those dreams do come true but the hard facts is on average only about 35-40 kids from San Diego will move on to play football at the D1 Level thats 35 out of more than 2,000 HS football players in San Diego and only 4 or 5 of them will get a crack at the NFL , their is another alternative to playing and obtaining a good education and that is the Many D2 , D3 and NAIA Colleges that have flooded the county in Scholarship offers , this trend is huge and an awesome opportunity for Students that want to play at the next level . Most of these colleges are far away in the East or South and don’t offer the amenities of a D1 school but nonetheless its a great football culture many of these colleges have on Campus . Throughout the last months these colleges have realized the talent pool that exists in San Diego , Lake Erie College and Southwest Minnesota Recruited San Diego well and have offered more than 15 Players each not to mention the players they have on roster from previous recruiting classes , other colleges that have noticed the talent are Benedictine , Culver Stockton , Clarke University, Concordia University, Morningside College , University of Puget , Whittier College all who have offered players from North County to the City , Southbay and East County no one has missed out on the splurge of offers . This is a big opportunity for San Diego athletes to continue their football careers (Who says you cant make the NFL from D2) obtain their Degrees that will help them reach their goals in life and also represent their Family , community and their City . The underlying theme in all of this is if you are a quality starter in San Diego you have many opportunities to play football after your prep days .

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