Vista Panthers Season Preview

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Head Coach : David Bottom

2019 Record : 8-4

Top Players : Travis Bennett, Eddie Nelson , Grady Chancellor, Angel Garcia , Angel Leal , Jordan Sellers , LJ Turner , Zach Schipper , Colby Rafail, Ugochi Ochi, Luis Martinez

Offense : Travis Bennett returns for his senior year the 6’5 QB is looking to show how much he has improved , he will have some weapons in Standout Athletes Grady Chancellor and Colby Rafail along with newcomers Tyshicus Stanisiaus , 6’5 TE Luis Martinez and TE Ugochi Ochi . The Panthers have a veteran OL with Seniors Angel Leal , Angel Garcia and Jordan Sellers , Eddie Nelson will run the ball along with Colby Rafail .

Defense: The Panthers have a strong LB group with Zach Schipper who is being looked at by several D1 programs and LJ Turner who is committed to St.Olaf College . Grady Chancellor leads the secondary along with Jonah Ellers .

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