Movement to get Youth Sports back gains massive momentum

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The current situation around youth sports is dark , Governor Gavin Newsom and the health department lead by Secretary DR. Mark Ghaly have not issued any recent updates, their last update was a color tier system that left many helpless , under the current guidelines it is very unlikely that football will be played at all in fact very few sports will be played , It is unknown what data is being used for the current system, around the country over 40 States have played full football seasons including state championships , what does the data about these state tell us ? Football and outdoor sports in general do not have high transmission rates in recent days the States of Washington and Virginia have scratched their guidelines and issued new ones , that would allow for them to start playing in February. The situation in California is not looking good for youth sports under the leadership of Gavin Newsom, however just one week ago Serra (San Mateo) Head coach Patrick Walsh started the Golden Sate Coaches Association and in just one week over 500 Coaches have joined , in San Diego Torrey Pines Head Coach Ron Gladnick has taken a big leadership role and has advanced the movement in an unprecedented way , he has made several appearances on KUSI , Fox 5 and CBS 10 and has many key youth sports organizations like Surf Soccer joining the cause , at the same time the Coaches Association was formed a parent lead group started ( and the result has been incredible in one week over 21,000 parents have joined and the stories they tell about their kids dealing with depression and anxiety are heartbreaking , they also tell stories about having to travel to Arizona and Nevada in order for their kids to participate in sports , the parents are looking into all legal options of letting their kids play but they have also joined with the coaches association to have one common and simple plan , what is it ? Have direct dialogue with Governor Gavin Newsom to let him know that the consensus is that the kids return to field ASAP . the group does not want to get political at all but should Gavin Newsom not listen to the parents and coaches (who have spent months collecting Data from the Sate of California) they will enact a Statewide effort collecting signatures to Recall Gavin Newsom , the current Recall Status stands at 1 Million Signatures and would need 1.5 Million in order to qualify , the deadline for the signatures is in mid March so it would be very doable to collect half a million signatures, your talking about over 200,000 volunteers that would give their time in order to make this happen.

A big Event is also underway all over the State of California on Friday January 15th at 4pm Parent lead groups will rally in front of their schools in an effort to get the Governors attention and engage in dialogue. Schools like De La Salle . Half Moon Bay , Rancho Cucamonga , Yucaipa , Huntington Beach , and hundreds of others . Here in San Diego over 25 Schools will participate the message is ” Wear Mask & Social Distance , Wear your Jersey or School Apparel . These Rallies will happen all over the State of California to show @GavinNewsom that its time for youth Sports to Return . These are Parent lead rallies and will be off campus ” .

In San Diego , Chair of the County Supervisors Nathan Fletcher has not been willing to meet with Coach Ron Gladnick to discuss the Coaches Data and be open to a dialogue. Despite coaches and parents trying to plead their case to Supervisor Fletcher he has ignored them all and chosen not to engage in dialogue instead he has mocked the movement and said he will call the coaches when needs “advice on 3rd & 6 ”.

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